Sarah - StudentI’ve had the pleasure of training with North Yorkshire Goju Ryu karate club since it began and I have loved every minute. They have helped me achieve so much, allowing me to have confidence in my ability. Tony, Anita and the rest of the seniors will do anything possible to help you and they strive to get everyone performing at their best. I couldn't ask for a friendlier welcoming club than this.
Emma - ParentI found Goju Ryu Karate via a friend who has children who attend the club. I initially enrolled my son to help him develop his concentration. He's a bit of a daydreamer at school so I hoped it would help. It really has! Oliver is so much more focused. I said it was the reason I initially enrolled him but there have been other benefits. He has more confidence and he has made friends. In the future, other benefits will include being able to keep himself safe in the world. Thanks 🙂
Nicky - ParentThe North Yorkshire Goju-Ryu Karate Club, doesn't only keep my ten year old son fit but has taught him to be more confident, respectful and has given him more discipline. He thoroughly enjoys every lesson, is learning important life skills as well as self defence, and also making valuable friendships. Highly recommend !!
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